Rei Tan

About Rei Tan

Paper Artist + Prop Stylist

Rei is often described as a multifaceted generalist.
Her keen aesthetic sensibility is cultivated by a decade-long of interdisciplinary careers that has garnered her experience as a graphic designer, assistant art director, make up artist, lecturer, and a paper craftsman. As creativity burgeons along with her passions, she finds herself evolving into a specialist with the critical ability to shape shift her mind and skills to tackle on different project briefs & challenges.

And in between these two intersections, she believes, is where the magic happens.

By some extraordinary alchemy of curiosity & dexterity, Rei has managed to converge her diverse practices into one stylistic cohesion. Today, she is regularly sighted on sets where she applies her adaptive expertise on some zealous making & manipulation of props. Off work mode, she takes time to be grateful for each genuine collaboration while enjoying the simple wonderments of everyday life with a cup of tea.